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Allagash'85 - The E.B. Campbell Memorial Snowmobile Run

Story by C.J. Ramstead

Snowmobile Magazine

Thrills at 9 MPH

      One of snowmobilings truly great pioneers was the late E.B. Campbell of Millinocket, Maine. The first snowmobile dealer in Maine, Campbell took part in many early expeditions and testing sessions for snowmobiles, working with the creators of the Sno-Traveler (now Polaris) who came to Maine from Minnesota to experience deep snow adventure in the remote Allagash watershed.

      Many years have passed since the historic first expedition through the Katahdin Region to Eagle Lake in 1961, but the memories of those adventuring days live on the hearts of those who were there and those who knew the tough minded snowmobiling pioneers who made the runs that opened winter for all of us to follow. In February, the memory was relived when several of the original riders and even one of the original machines from the dawn of snowmobiling in Maine gathered in Millinocket to create the experience of that first daring Allagash snowmobile run.

      The run took place largely through their efforts of E.B.'s son Steve who planned the trip, wrote letters, persuaded the participants and organized the details during the ten months prior to the run which began at the Northern Timber Cruisers Snowmobile Clubhouse in Millinocket on February 17th. With the help of his brothers Reid and Wayne, Steve not only saw his dream come true but the 11 old time sleds all completed the 150 mile run intact!

      Along for the memorial run were original members Paul Dougherty of New Hampshire, Dave Johnson of Minnesota, Jim Chase of Brewer and Jack Sevigny of Sanford. The 1961 Voyager driven by Dave Johnson was the same sled he drove on the original ride 24 years ago.

      As was the case when they were new, the big machines required plenty of attention. With the Campbell boys along, however, there was never a problem as these three men can identify any part on a Sno -Traveler, the year it was in production, and know how to use bailing wire.

      The route taken on this historic re-creation was as close as possible to the original. The overnights were in roughly the same places too, such as the ranger camp in Baxter park and the fishing camp made famous by Noodge and Patty Nugent. On this ride, however, the grits were trucked in so everyone ate very, very well. Many of the participants have had the opportunity to ride snowmobiles in many different areas and under many kinds of great conditions, but they agreed to the last man, after this nostalgic tour was over, there was never a tour that surpassed the E.B. Campbell Memorial Allagash '85 for enjoyment. It was truly four days of thrills on snowmobiles...... at just 9 MPH (or less).



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