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1.) Never Drink and Drive.................

       Many snowmobiling accidents have been the result of alcohol and speed. Maine now has a tough OUI law with .08 standard. Operators convicted of operating under the influence face a minimum 48 hours in jail and a $300 dollar fine; second offenses carry a minimum of 7 days in jail and a $500 fine and third offenses earn the offender at least 30 days in jail and a $750 fine.

2.) Always operate Your Snowmobile at a Safe and Reasonable Speed.

       Despite the fact your snowmobile is capable of doing 100 mph, it would be a rare occasion when it would be safe or prudent to do over 45 mph on the trail. Save your speed for a racetrack!

3.) Be aware of the weather.

        Trail conditions can change very quickly due to the effects of the weather. A trail can be plowed, a pressure ridge on a lake can develop, or a washout can occur on the trail. Be aware of not only the current weather conditions, but those of the preceding days and what influence they may have had on the trails.

4.) Approach every corner, hill and intersection with caution.

         Sled as if another snowmobile will be coming at you on your side of the trail. On Maine's busy trail systems, you must be prepared to avoid oncoming snowmobiles.

5.) Keep an eye on the trail.

       Remember, that today's groomed trails may hold hidden dangers. Colliding with a snow covered stump, a fallen tree or cable can have fatal results for those who are not prepared to stop. Several accidents including a fatal, have occurred when large animals wandered onto the trail.

You Are Responsible........................

     If you have the misfortune of being involved in a snowmobile accident, you are responsible for reporting it to the nearest law enforcement officer. If you are the operator and there are injuries that require medical attention or result in a fatality and /or property damage which exceeds $1,000.



Safe Snowmobiling Tips:

* Never consume alcohol or drugs before or during a ride
* Become familiar with the snowmobile you ride
* Operate at safe and reasonable speeds and within your own abilities and experience
* Avoid traveling on unfamiliar frozen bodies of water
* Use extreme caution at night
* Keep your snowmobile properly maintained, inspect it regularly and learn to do basic repairs on your own.
* Reduce speed on unfamiliar territory
* Check the weather forecast before you leave
* Always wear an approved helmet and suitable clothing
* Never ride alone, and let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return
* Carry emergency supplies and learn basic survival skills and keep the necessary extras on your snowmobile at all times. (belts, plugs, bulbs, tool kit, etc.)
* Stay on the right side of the trail
* Use extra caution when crossing roadways and railways
* Wear flotation type devices or clothing
* Never ride on railway tracks
* Never ride alone
* Never leave children unsupervised on "kiddie snowmobiles"
* Take a snowmobile safety course

     Eileen Lafland, the Maine Snowmobile Association Safety Chair, is a valuable resource for snowmobile safety and can be reached at (207) 989-6472 or via email here. 

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Snowmobile Safety Coordinators

     To schedule a snowmobile safety course for your club or community, contact the IF & W Snowmobile Safety Coordinator in your county listed below. For a schedule of snowmobile safety classes check here. If you need more info, call the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Safety Office at 207-287-5220.

Sagadahoc / Lincoln:

Reginald Read 
Telephone (207) 442-8421

Cumberland / York

Louis Haskell
Telephone (207) 655-7757

Kennebec / Androscoggin:

William Bean
Telephone (207) 622-4679

Washington / Hancock

Harland Hitchings
Telephone (207) 796-2282

Knox / Waldo / Hancock

Ed Davis
Telephone (207) 325-9169


Bruce Martin
Telephone (207) 284-4692

Northern Aroostook

Clifford Caldwell
Telephone (207) 325-9169

Penobscot / Piscatiquis / Northern Somerset

Woody Thompson
Telephone (207) 876-3497

Oxford / Franklin

Perry Edwards
Telephone (207) 743-6290

Southern Aroostook

Richard Tidd
Telephone (207) 532-5658


For Emergency Assistance 
The Maine Warden Service at:
 Gray (207) 657-2345   
Sidney (207)547-4145
Bangor (207)941-4440
Greenville (207)695-3756
       Ashland (207)435-3231   
The Maine State Police at:
Statewide Cellular *77
Gray 1-800-482-0730  
Augusta 1-800-452-4664
Orono 1-800-432-7381
Houlton 1-800-924-2261   

This message is brought to you by:

 Maine Warden Service
Maine Snowmobile Association
Maine Department of Conservation


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