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The Bridge Across Millinocket Stream

Jim Barnes - In memory of.........

Each base took approximately 8 ˝ yards of cement, which was generously donated by Jeff Goding of Goding Cement Company.

    Laying the Bridge Plank
    On August 31st the forms were stripped off and the area around the bases were backfilled with the use of the donated backhoes. It was then that a 60 ton crane donated by Cianbro and a 40 ton crane donated by the Ensor Construction Company lifted and placed the 18,000 lb. Beams across the stream and onto the base plates. Many thanks went to Jim Owens of ENSR and Dave Whitehead and Tom Luckern of Cianbro on that September 12th.

     When the beams were put into place, Phil Grass and his welding crew of Tom Picard, Steve Nicholson, Jimmy Moore, Leo Bouchard, Willey McLeod, and Charlie Tapley took over and went to work under Jim’s supervision. Every 15 feet H beam was welded into place for the stays and was doubled up on each end of the 126 foot structure. Next, ˝ inch x 3-inch angle iron was used as cross bracing every 20 feet in between the H Beam. All were placed in between the 36 inch I beam 5 feet 8 inches on center. Next ˝ inch x 1 inch pieces of pipe were cut and welded every 8 inches on the outside of each beam to provide for securing the decking to the I beam. Five hundred and four of these pieces were needed.

Looking East Across Millinocket Stream


    The placement of the decking on the bridge was the next step. On September 28th the decking in of th4e bridge commenced and took two days to complete. Two hundred fifty two pieces of hemlock planking 3 inches by 6 inches x 10 feet in length was used for the decking of the bridge.

   The hemlock planks were drilled on each end and secured to the I beams by fastening with ˝ inch x 5-inch carriage bolts. N.H Braggs donated Five hundred and four carriage bolts for this purpose. Kick plates were secured on each outside edge of the bridge. These were made up of 24 pieces of pressure treated lumber 2 inches x 8 inches x 16 feet and were donated by Levasseurs Hardware.

     On October 6th the removable ramps were put into place on each side of the bridge.

     The ramps are 20 feet in length x 20 feet in width and are also decked in with hemlock. These ramps will be removed each spring as  to restrict unwanted vehicle traffic. On October 19th heavy belted rubber was place over the area of the bridge where the lags from the Tucker would meet to prevent wear of the bridge decking. Railing supports and mounting hardware as well as 5/8 cable covered with rubber were installed to provide for a safety railing. Seeding of the stream banks near the bridge was done as well as covering it with hay to prevent any soil erosion.

        The total length of the bridge is 166 feet, which includes the ramps. It is rated for a weight of 10 tons. Total estimated costs would have been well over $25,000 if the bridge had been constructed by a contractor.


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